Our Projects

Our vision is to live in a better world where children will not die of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy disease.
In order to fulfill this vision, we focused our activity on promoting researches and developments of new treatments – while aiming to put an end to the disease in the near future. When we established A.D.I. organization in 2011, there was no Duchenne research in Israel. But as we know “Where there’s a will there’s a way. We initiate projects and lead to the advancement of Israeli research, while promoting cooperation and sharing information to progress patient care. We share the hope that the day that our vision is fulfilled is not far off.

Gene therapy
The origin of Duchenne is known to researchers. A minor defect in the gene prevents the production of an essential protein - dystrophin. There are various mutations linked to the disease, i.e. two different persons differ in their mutations at the same gene. For instance, Some patients have multiple mutations
Inhibitory drugs
A genetic defect creates a deficiency in the production of the dystrophin protein. In the absence of protein, the muscles in the kids’ body are exposed, and they are rotting every day and with every simple motor action. With muscle erosion, a space is created where fat tissue grows. (Fibrosis)...
It is known that maintaining a high standard of treatment, tailored to each patient according to his condition, can delay the development of the disease. From the stage of diagnosis, regardless of the patient’s age, it is crucial to begin conservative treatments such as physiotherapy...