Meet Our Boys

Our boys give us the strength to overcome the disease. They are our heroes. Every day that passes, they deal with Duchess admirably.

Every simple action requires tremendous effort. For them, to get into a car, climb stairs, play with a friend in the yard – are all extreme tasks.  Each child has a world of values, hobbies, desires and dreams. Our children climb Mount Everest, with determination and success each day anew to fulfill themselves

Noy Elhanany
Noy excels in geography and language studies. He particularly likes to build LEGO and travel around the world. He has an excellent memory and is almost always is found with a smile on his face. Noy is a very social boy and admirers Queen Rock band and Freddie Mercury. He prefers not to talk much about the Duchenne Disease. When the disease is defeated, and he grows up, he plans to be an architect.
Ido Ozeri
Excellent in computer games and a loyal admirer of new YouTube stars. Pedantic and meticulous - will never leave an unresolved task. He is a fan of Bible stories and is curious and thirsty for general knowledge, a culinary enthusiast of well-cooked food. Ido dreams of having a large family and wants to become a father to many kids when he grows up.
Elad Weiss
Elad likes to play with his friends in Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, where he lives. He has a huge heart! He will never leave a friend out of the game and will always try to help any child who seems a bit sad. He loves games and stories about heroes who can save the world, and dreams of becoming an actor or even a hero when he grows up.
Guy Zrihan
Guy Likes to play computer games as well as hang around with friends in the yard. He is a fan of superheroes and dreams of being as strong as Spider-man. It is important for him to be a big brother and to protect his younger brother Roy, and he is convinced that when the disease is gone, he will be as tall as his sister Noa.
Alon Russo
A very creative kid. He is excellent at drawing and writing short and long stories. He has a well-developed sense of humor, a captivating smile and lots of friends. You will always find Alon at social parties, leading the fun and initiating community events. Alon dreams of becoming an architect and interior designer when he grows up.
Roi Ambar
Roi likes traveling in Israel and abroad and the sea for him is a place of calm and rest. He can listen to good music, for hours, and knows almost by heart all the lyrics of the Latin songs. Roy loves animals and especially Goni, his dog. He is a very curious child, always joyful lively.
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